Destination Wedding Photographer…. With No Travel Fees?

I do not charge travel fees for wedding photography locations in the lower 48. Continue reading if you would like to know the “why and how” behind that decision, or skip all that and reach out to me by visiting my info page.

Let me start by saying that I don’t market myself by price, I want my clients to hire me because they like my shooting style, not because the price is right. However, one cannot deny that costs are a big part of decisions on both sides, and costs fluctuate dramatically depending on the region one finds themselves in.

Destination Wedding Photographer That Doesn't Charge Travel Fees

Travel at all and you will notice that things cost more or less depending on where you are. Simple supply and demand. If you have your wedding in a popular wedding destination and want a quality professional photographer and great service, then you will have to pay 3x – 4x market price. If your wedding is in a remote location that doesn’t host many weddings- you may be hard pressed to find a photographer there at all.

Both scenarios pose a problem of hiring a professional wedding photographer you can be excited about- and I am a problem solver.

Destination Wedding Photographer with no travel fees

My goal with wedding photography has always been about one thing: the experience of the bride and groom. I first dove into the business of wedding photography because I heard many unhappy couples around me voicing very valid complaints against the service and quality they had received from their photographers and I knew I could do better- I had a deep desire to do better. That is also what motivated me to pursue wedding clients outside of my region. I want to provide a great experience to as many couples as possible.

In order for a photographer to make this work, they would need to be based in a location with a short wedding season (like Wyoming), easy access to a largeĀ  airport (like Denver or Las Vegas), and they would need to offer a high quality of service (like this).
And check…out my gallery and info page to decide for yourself!!!


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