6 Reasons Why Your Next Photographer Should Also Be A Print Artist

I take printed products very seriously for wedding and portrait clients. The prints, canvases, books, and albums are the culmination of the shoot. For some strange reason “shoot and burn” has become the norm for photography, and print service from photographers is a novelty. Here are 6 reasons why you should look for a photographer that is also a print artist.

  1. Why_you_should_choose_prints
  2. Imagine going to dinner at a restaurant and they bring you raw ingredients and your bill, say “enjoy”, and walk away leaving you to prepare it all yourself. Is that really what you wanted? Being handed only a CD or thumb drive and sent on your way is no different.
  3. Here are a few questions to think about. How many thousands of image files do you have and how often do you look at them? When was the last time you printed anything? Does the idea of building a book or organizing photos for printing excite you? How passionate is the photo technician at Costco about your photos? Compare the experience of someone showing you hundreds of unsorted photos on a computer with the experience of looking through a metal cover, leather bound, 13”x9.5” wedding album that is organized in a way that tells a story: which would you choose?
  4. Printing is a science. DPI, resolution, color profiles, it was to a lot of learning from the first time I printed and wondering “why doesn’t this print look as crisp as the image on my screen?” I have made it my business to understand everything about my equipment and the science of printing, I do it almost every day and I enjoy it. Save yourself the time and frustration.
  5. Back to the idea of how passionate is a big box store photo technician about you photos… I recently heard someone change the “u” in Shutterfly to an “i” when talking about how Shutterfly had made errors to their Christmas card order. I also show all my clients of a photo printed on my equipment next to the same photo printed at Walgreens, an image that has a distinct red ink film over it.
  6. When you are old, do you want to hand your grandchild a thumbdrive when they crawl into your lap and ask to see your wedding photos?

Ultimately, I am a photographer because I want to give people images that can enjoy to the fullest. Digital files definitely have their place in our world, but photographs are best experienced in a tangible sense: as a piece of wall art, as a print, or in an album. Don’t spend money on someone that is willing to leave the job half done.  Invest in a photographer that takes pride in your photos from A to Z.